How To Get Started

Are you looking for a technology partner who can provide you with unbiased advice and consultants that align with your project requirements? Partanen Consulting Group can help you get your JD Edwards solution working for you, while you remain in control of your business.

What is your current challenge?

Up-and-coming strategic project.

Large scale initiative – implementation, upgrade, migration, and integration—whether you’re replacing your ERP system with Oracle JD Edwards, upgrading to 9.2, migrating from World to OneWorld or integrating to a 3rd party solution, consider bringing in our team of experts to get it done on time.


Do you just need extra pair of hands or someone with specialized knowledge so you can get your project done on time? Is your team member pulled away from the project to manage another task? If you don’t have time to wait to get them back, we can provide you with a consultant with in-depth expertise to get you back on track.

Thinking of change of hearts

Is your current IT partner not living up to their promises? If you’re disappointed with their level of knowledge, availability, or communication, consider bringing in our senior consultants who prioritize your project and deliverables.

We’re behind

Should your JD Edwards project fall behind schedule or your team is overwhelmed with tasks to complete, our consultants can help speed up your project and complete undone tasks.

Subcontractor needed

Is your consulting team ready to tackle the client project but you’re missing a team lead or team member with knowledge in a certain industry or JD Edwards module? Consider one of our senior consultants to augment your team.

Our system is slow

Are you hearing complaints about poor response time? Are your inquiries or reports executing slowly? Whatever the technical reason behind the sluggish system performance, we can help analyse the root cause and tune up the system.

Just a new report

Is your procurement team looking for a new report to analyse your supplier base? Is your sales team looking for a new total customer profitability report? Do you need a new well-designed customer facing document such as invoice and/or delivery note? Whether you need a new BI publisher or to enhance the JD Edwards standard report, our experienced consultants collaborate with you to design and develop reports that help your organization to make better business decisions.

Need unbiased audit

Sometimes you need a second opinion. Whether you need set up, security, system performance or process review or advice on upgrade or integration, we can help you.

If you’re operating in a regulated environment, our Computerized System Validation (CSV)audit team can help you.  Every audit is customized for your specific project and budget needs. We can provide assistance with all aspects of your projects, including audit plan consulting and development, audit scheduling, conduct, and reporting, and audit follow-up services.

Our new staff is not properly trained

Do you have new employees unfamiliar with JD Edwards or does your staff want to learn more or refresh knowledge after the last implementation or upgrade? Should you need expert level training mastering any of the JDE modules or just need some basic training on the JD Edwards fundamentals on-site or remotely, we can tailor a cost-effective training package for your organization.

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